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Avast Photo Space

Avast Photo Space is your free and safe solution to an overcrowded photo gallery.


Never miss a moment

Don’t let your phone’s limited memory keep you from preserving life’s most precious moments - with Avast Photo Space, you can store and share as many pictures as you can take.

Easy on the eyes, as well as your phone

With Photo Space, you can optimize your photographs to reduce the amount of space they take up on your phone while keeping them easy to share and enjoy. This way, you can fit up to 7GB worth of photos into 1GB of space!

Cloud-connected for ultimate shareability

We also send a copy of your original, unoptimized photos to the cloud service of your choice. This saves data, and makes it easy to show off your pictures to friends and family across devices.

Say "Cheese"!

Avast Photo Space even comes with its own camera app, so you can automatically transfer, optimize, and sync your photos to the cloud, saving you time and data.